INDYWOOD TELEVISION is a part of Project INDYWOOD, conceptualized by Mr. Sohan Roy, the globally acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker and producer, with business interests in cinema, media and maritime industries.

Conceptualized and initiated as the media wing of Project INDYWOOD, INDYWOOD TV is India’s first entertainment web-channel dedicated to cinema and entertainment programs. The channel connects the film industry with its global stakeholders by serving up-to- date news, specially crafted features programs and celebrity interviews among others. The channel is envisioned to help raise the profile of the many global film industries through improved exposure to technology and peer-to- peer connectivity.



Project INDYWOOD is a revolutionary venture to integrate and transform the Indian film industry to place it above Hollywood within 5 years. The project includes having 10,000 modern multiplex screens across India with high definition 3D projection, 4K screens and ATMOS sound design with the support of potential NRI investors. The vision of the project is to brand and market Indian movies globally through various Film Festivals and Film Markets and to establish India as the venue for the largest Film Festival and Film Market in the world. The flagship event of Project INDYWOOD is the INDYWOOD Film Carnival which is held annually in the film city of Hyderabad.

Mission of Indywood TV

INDYWOOD TV aims to explore new avenues for Indian cinema. All the Indian language films will get the support of this new platform. The promotion and sale of regional content in international markets, exchange of local technologies and manpower, global networking of major production houses and collaborative ventures making use of local talents are some of the key benefits provided to filmmakers as part of the project. The mission is to integrate the fragmented Indian film industry and to elevate it to compete with Hollywood standards.